Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Another source of inspiration

a sneak peak about my source of inspirations for these kind of quick sketches. there is always something interesting around you to capture in the paper. for me, it's the play of light and dark abstract shapes that catch my attention at any place and time that inspires me most, a thing i can't ignore ! it's a good idea to give another closer look at these shapes trying to observe them in abstract manner and not as simple subjects what we are logically aware of. and if you still find them interesting it's the right time to do that quick sketch!!

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sukeerthy said...

brother, God has gifted you with great talent... I am glad to see your pictures in your blog... they are really superb... really good... many times i see such arts in the movies, in general tv programs and in google internet. But I do not see the artists. I am glad that i could see the art and the artist through you... God bless you and i wholeheartedly desire and wish that your works will have great success forever.

dhruba mazumder said...

thank you sukeerthy for your kind words and wishes. this is very encouraging to me. i really appreciate you taking out your valuable time to write me. do visit again.

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