Monday, February 10, 2014

China Pink in watercolor & Graphite versions

Me and my wifey got this beauty Dianthus Chinensis, commonly called as China Pink yesterday and couldn't resist to sketch it when I saw this under early morning sun today. I loved the cluster of its flowers and the grass like shapes of the leaves, a challenge to capture. But every time we pick up a pencil to sketch or draw and a brush to paint, its a challenge to overcome. Every single time!!

medium: watercolor on sketchbook.
size: 6 1'2" H x 5" W
time: 90 min approx.
source: live

The graphite version of the flower pot sketch I posted earlier today. This is part of a simple step by step process I have decided to do of how simple way we can analyze and structure the underlying line drawing of a fairly complicated subject which I will post soon. so stay tuned !

medium: graphite on 75 gsm photocopy paper.

© dhruba mazumder, 2014. all rights reserved

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