Sunday, July 13, 2014

Color mixing palette

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This is a sketch of one of my color mixing palette that I use at home studio. I loved the simplicity of this one as well as it's mixing wells. The 12 pigment wells hold 4 each of all the 3 primaries colors, reds, yellows and blues of both warm and cool temperature pigments. I am able to mix almost all secondary and tertiary colors out of these 12 pigments. However I try to do only primary mixes on this palette and use another one for the rest. I'll post a sketch of the other palette also someday!

Medium watercolor on sketchbook
Size: Size: 6 1/2" H x 10" W.
Time 60 min. approx.
Source: Live

Kindly click on the image for a bigger view
Above is the list of primary colors marked by their names on my watercolor palette. All the reds, yellows and blues are grouped together. This kind of organized way of putting your colors on the palette [this is not the only way!] helps to pick the color of your choice conveniently without getting into confusion and also allows to compare the hues within themselves. Apart from these colors, I also use Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna and Viridian Hue.

Kindly click on the image for a bigger view
A picture of the simple setup of the color palette while I was working on the sketch. Adding the color tube on the bottom makes it more interesting.

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Serena Lewis said...

Lovely sketch, Dhruba! Do you have a preference for a particular brand of watercolours?

Dhruba Mazumder said...

Hi Serena, thanks a lot for your comment. I use a brand called 'Camlin' which is available in India. I use the artist grade quality watercolor from this brand. This is the only brand I have been painting so far with which is good in quality and easily affordable. Though I am not sure if this is available in any other country. I am looking forward to test the Daniel Smith watercolors which everybody is praising for it's intense quality pigment and beautiful colors. Have you tried it? It is available in Australia :)!