Sunday, August 17, 2014

In His Loving Memory

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"In his loving memory"

Did this portrait in the memory of a great person who believed in sharing knowledge selflessly. A great motivator, mentor, teacher, critique, friend of many, who brought together many like minded artistic souls from diverse fields of work and from around the globe to share and learn together the universal language of visual art. He made people believed in their ability to create art with great inspirations and passion. An architect by profession, he was a traveler, a great photographer and an amazing sketcher in his own unique way. He has left a legacy of artistic knowledge behind him for others to learn from. In his own words - "All that's not given is lost".

Rest in peace, Jorge Royan. You'll be remembered with love for a long time.

He passed away recently.

His website:

His sketching blog:
Medium: Graphite and conte white.
Surface: Fabriano, 160 gsm tone paper.
Size: 11" H x 8 " W approx.

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