Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tree Trunk Table

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Guess from what the bottom portion of this table is made of !!?? Let me tell you. This is made of a tea tree turned upside down. Found in many households in the north eastern region of India, the legs of these tables are the branches of the tree with the trunk holding the top. Though this one has only few legs, sometime they can be many depending on the number of branches. Tea trees may have life ranging from 60 to 100 years of plantation. These furniture are made from old trees at the end of their lives. Tea tree may normally grow to 12-15 feet in height , but in tea gardens, the branches are cut around a height of 18"-24", around winter, so that new branches can grow with fresh leaves. Hence these beautiful branches.

Medium: watercolor on sketchbook
Size: 10" H x 12" W
Time: 60 min. approx.
Source: live


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