Saturday, November 01, 2014

Boats at River Brahmaputra

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The mighty river Brahmaputra runs almost whole across the state of Assam from east to west and definitely one of the biggest river in India. You have to see it to believe it where at places it's almost couple of kms wide!! Along with this, there are numerous other small and big rivers flow all over the state from the surrounding hills, into the valleys and merging with Brahmaputra. Not long time ago, there was only one bridge connecting both banks of this river. Hence these boats of different sizes and shapes were the only mode of commuting option for common people to cross it. Even now, these run on the heart of Brahmaputra. This boat is capable of carrying not only people but also couple of small vehicles on the open space in between the enclosed cabins. Traveling on these boats across this river is a memorable experience.

Medium: watercolor on sketchbook.
Size: 10" H x 13" W
Time: 120 min.
Source: line work on location, colored at home.

© Dhruba Mazumder, 2014. All rights reserved.

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