Thursday, April 03, 2014

Updates on Watercolor Workshop in Chennai

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Here's an update regarding my Watercolor Workshop on techniques in Chennai on 26th and 27th of April, 2014.

Workshop name:
  Watercolor Techniques and Beyond

Skill level:
  Basic to intermediate  [since the focus is on watercolor techniques, basic knowledge of drawing skill is required]


  26th-27th April, 2014

  9.15 am to 4.30pm [including Tea/Cofee/Lunch breaks]

  Limited to a maximum of 15 participants only. The registration is based on first come first serve basis.

  The participants will be notified a recommended list of suitable watercolor materials required which they are expected to bring along to the venue during both days of workshop. Any extra art materials will be provided at the venue.

  The full course fee per participant has to be paid at the time of registration via bank transfer prior the workshop to confirm the participation. Kindly send a mail to get details regarding the registration procedure.

The main Contents of this Watercolor Workshop are:

  1. Watercolor as a beautiful medium
  2. Brief talk about various materials used in watercolor
  3. Demonstrations of various Techniques in watercolor
  4. Participants' practical use of the various techniques in watercolor
  5. brief talk about color, values and composition
  6. Demonstrations of the usage of techniques on a painting.
  7. Participants creating their own paintings using the techniques demonstrated
  8. Evaluation and critiques of works.
  9. Q & A session.

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