Thursday, May 08, 2014

Stonehenge Paper Test with Watercolor

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On my recent visit to Chennai, Balaji sir gave me few sheets of Stonehenge paper for testing with watercolors. Recently I tried some basic watercolor techniques on this paper which responds well to the wet medium. 
  • It comes in 250 and 320 gsm versions;
  • It is a soft textured paper ;
  • I painted without stretching onto a board, it buckles a little specially when an area is added water before painting;
  • The colors remains fresh and bright even after couple of layers of washes;
  • Wet into wet techniques works well as you can see from the bottom sketch;
  • Mixing of colors on paper is nice;
  • Softening of edges with a damp brush also works well on successive layers of painting;
  • Scraping off with a palette knife is possible on wet paints;
Though the overall feelings of watercolor painting or sketching is different on this paper than a regular watercolor paper, it is still workable and will be ideal for quick sketches. Need to try some more watercolor techniques as well as other mediums on this paper and I'll put an updated report! Till then, happy painting!

More about this paper from the link below.

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