Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Three wheeler

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Another quick sketch of this popular mode of short traveling in India. This is somewhat a newer version [model] of this timeless three wheel vehicle though I still like the look of the older rustic ones which are more classic.

Medium: watercolor on sketchbook.
Size: 5" x 4 1/2" Approx.
Time: 30 Min approx.
Source: Live

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Monday, May 19, 2014

A sketchbook page

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A page from my sketchbook. The left sketch was done couple of months back. I was trying to explore usage of complimentary colors by exaggeration. Rather than trying a desaturated background I tried to experimented with a saturated complimentary color green to the red tomato which also happens to have the same hue underside of it giving a chance to blend with lost edges.  

The right one is from yesterday morning trying to capture big shapes of colors and values. Noticed this vehicle parked just near our home. The shape and it's structure always fascinates me, specially when under a strong sunlight. It's a great exercise just to concentrate on the bigger shapes and simplify everything else.

Medium: watercolors on sketchbook
Size: 5" H x 6 1/2" W
time: Approx. 20 min. each
Source: live

© Dhruba Mazumder, 2014. All rights reserved

Friday, May 09, 2014

Charcoal sketches [soft charcoal]

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After almost a gap of 2 years, I did these few sketches in soft charcoal and it is absolutely fun. Though I used simple photocopy papers, this fluid medium works amazingly even on these cheaper papers which hardly has any teeth to absorb the charcoals. I loved how easy and versatile this medium is to play with soft and hard edges just by smudging with hands or paper tissues or by adding stokes. Also lifting lighter areas including highlights and adding dark patches is quite easy. It's called a medium between drawing and painting as it is very fluid like paint but the application is like drawing. I am going to give it some serious try on proper surface. Till then, enjoy these small sketches.

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Just to add, since it has been raining a little bit here in Bangalore these last few days after a long and dry spell for months, the sky has suddenly become beautiful with fluffy clouds of different shapes, sizes and values making it one of the pleasing elements to observe now. And I think charcoal is one of the most convenient medium to explore and study and capture this element!

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The 3rd one from the exploration with soft charcoal. I was trying to capture mood and atmosphere with light and this dry but fluid medium is excellent to play around as it can be smudged, edges can be softened or defined and tonal values can be lifted or added at will!

mediums: Soft charcoal on bond paper.
size: A4
Source: Imaginations

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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Stonehenge Paper Test with Watercolor

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On my recent visit to Chennai, Balaji sir gave me few sheets of Stonehenge paper for testing with watercolors. Recently I tried some basic watercolor techniques on this paper which responds well to the wet medium. 
  • It comes in 250 and 320 gsm versions;
  • It is a soft textured paper ;
  • I painted without stretching onto a board, it buckles a little specially when an area is added water before painting;
  • The colors remains fresh and bright even after couple of layers of washes;
  • Wet into wet techniques works well as you can see from the bottom sketch;
  • Mixing of colors on paper is nice;
  • Softening of edges with a damp brush also works well on successive layers of painting;
  • Scraping off with a palette knife is possible on wet paints;
Though the overall feelings of watercolor painting or sketching is different on this paper than a regular watercolor paper, it is still workable and will be ideal for quick sketches. Need to try some more watercolor techniques as well as other mediums on this paper and I'll put an updated report! Till then, happy painting!

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Title: Sunshine

Medium: Watercolor on handmade paper
Size: 8 1/2" H x 12" W

Status: Available

Price: Kindly send leave a comment here or mail at


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