Tuesday, January 22, 2013

fun with colors! experimenting with new mediums on my left over pages of last year's sketchbook and it seems fun so far. these are camel transparent photo colors and very very intense. first i splashed some colors on a randomly wet page and let it dry. once dried, i sketched this view with pental brush pen from live. than i added few more colors on specific areas, like the foliage and roof to define them more.

medium: pental brush pen and transparent photo color wash
size: 7" x 10"
time: may be 1 1/2hrs for the whole sketch in 3 different installment :)
source: live.

in this picture u can see the splashes. in the middle section or page, i have already sketched the structure and the trees on top of the base splash which started the similar way with random splashes as the right side page. unfortunately i lost the 1st stage picture from my comp. in the left picture i added few more colors and enhanced the tonal values to define some element like the roofs, some walls and the foliage.


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